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World Dance Masters Choreography Competition

World Dance Masters Choreography Competition

Ready to win a teaching slot in Florida and at next year’s Worlds?! A renowned event that looks to help new and developing choreographers find their first steps into the Line Dance circuit. Each year more than 50 dance entries are judged against each other in two categories; Country and Non-Country. The prizes for winning? Paid teaching slots to prestigious events!

Want to register?

Add up to 6 dances to your cart and make payment. You will then receive an email link (check junk folder) where you will need to upload your dance information, script and music no later than Friday 12th July 2024

For information on rules, prizes, and terms and conditions for this year's event please see below:

Choreography Competitors - All competitors must have a full weekend dancer pass for the World Dance Masters event. Dances will not be eligible unless the dance choreographer has a full weekend pass and is at the event to perform their dance to the judges. Assisting performers do not need a full weekend pass and may dance with the choreographer with just a full dancer day pass. As the event takes place in the Spanish Hall, spectator passes will not be eligible to enter the room. Registration for the competition does not gain you access to the event.

Multiple entries & preliminaries - Choreographers can only enter one dance in each category (a maximum of 6 dances per entrant if they were to enter each category in both non-country and country divisions). Joint choreography submissions count towards this total. In the event of more than 20 dances being submitted to a category, there will be a preliminary round before the event where scripts will be analysed. The best-written scripts will be forwarded to the final. Choreographers will be notified as soon as 20 dances have been entered and finalists will be notified one week before the event.

Merging of categories - If a category has less than ten entries, World Dance Masters may choose to merge with another respective category. This will only be announced at the event. If there are less than 8 individual choreographers registered per genre, we may choose to merge Country and Non-Country into one category. If this decision is made, the prize pool will be 1x teaching trip to the US (i.e. Fun in the Sun or Florida Dance Classic) and the teaching slot at WDM 2025. 

Dancing your dance - You can dance your dance alone, or with as many friends as you wish.

Music and profanity - It is the responsibility of the choreographer to check that their music choice is suitable for a family audience. Music that is deemed inappropriate for the audience and time of day will not be played and your entry forfeit without refund.

World Dance Masters 2025 Teaching Package (Country & Non-Country Winners):

Prize includes - 2 free entry passes & a minimum of 1 teaching spot for an individual choreographer. If there are multiple choreographers listed on the script, a maximum of 3 choreographers for the dance will be provided weekend passes for World Dance Masters 2025 with a minimum of 1 teaching spot.

Florida Line Dance Classic 2024 Teaching Package (Country Winner):
Expenses paid trip — includes return flights to an airport in Florida up to the value of 750USD, transfers to & from the venue, 4 nights of accommodation (Thursday - Sunday) & teaching spots. You will be contacted by Jennifer Cameron after your win.

Sunshine 'n Line: Florida Masters 2025 Teaching Package (Non-Country Winner):
Expenses paid trip — includes return flights to an airport in Florida up to the value of 750USD, transfers to & from the venue, 4 nights accommodation (Thursday - Sunday) & teaching spots. You will be contacted by Rachael McEnaney after your win.

Under 18's —Under 18's who take advantage of the Showdown teaching package must be accompanied by an adult travelling at their own expense. JC Productions will cover the cost of accommodation for the winner, transfers & a pass for the accompanying adult.

* World Dance Masters reserve the right to amend or change these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice. You are accordingly advised to consult the Terms & Conditions page each time you view and use this website.

Additional terms:

1. Timing limits - in a scenario where categories are a lot of entries, choreographers will be limited to 2:30 minutes per dance. Dances that are limited to 2:30 minutes will not be affected by judges' marks. 

2. Dances - Dances should be no older than 6 months of closing date for entry (13 July 2024). The WDM Choreography Competition is intended to support and provide a platform for new choreographers and those who are continuing to build their profiles. WDM reserves the right to decline and refund registrations, or request another dance be submitted, if we deem a submission is not in the spirit of the contest.

3. Dance classification - Regardless of if your dance falls into a sub-category such as Lower Intermediate/Higher Intermediate etc, you must ONLY classify your dance as one of the categories offers (Absolute Beginner / Beginner, Improver / Easy Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced).

4. Joint choreographies - where two or more choreographers are listed on the script, only the lead choreographer (the name appearing first on the script) will be eligible for the prize in that division. At the event directors discretion, additional choreographers on the script may be offered free passes to the event. Joint choreographies count towards the total number of submissions allowed for a choreographer for the lead choreographer.

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